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Tomorrow is election day in the U.S. and for all those eligible to vote I urge you to do some research, get inspired by a candidate or cause and vote!  If you weren’t planning on voting tomorrow you are not alone, on average about 40% of eligible voters turn out for midterm elections according to The Center for Voting and Democracy. They also note this is much less than other OECD countries.  Hopefully though by now you have decided to vote, but if you are still not sure who is running in your area or who to vote for check out the League of Women Voter’s non-partisan election information at Vote411.org. By entering your address they will give you a summary of each candidate and various amendments on your personalized local ballot. They even show you where you can vote in person tomorrow.  It may take some time to inform yourself, but its well worth the effort! 

More Citibikes for New York City

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.55.01 PMIn other news New Yorkers should be excited because Citibike is expanding their service. They plan to double their size by 2017, adding new neighborhoods and over 375 new stations. Unfortunately they also increased their subscription price (effectively immediately, sorry to those that missed the old price available earlier this week).  You can read more about their expansion here and also suggestion locations for new stations throughout the City though the NYC DOT website.

A Survey for Singaporeans

BetterSGFinally for readers in Singapore you also can let your voice be heard this week by participating in a survey by my friends at Participate in Design. As part of their new project: BetterSG, their goal is to “bring people together to design, build and own spaces and solutions within their neighborhoods, and enable communities to discover their fullest potential through the people they have.” Check out their beautifully designed survey and tell them about your neighborhood and your views on planning and design of spaces in Singapore.

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