Urban Inspiration

Happy Monday!  Here are a few bits of urban inspiration to help you jump start your week.

Public Participation in Singapore Library Design

Singapore reopened its Library@Orchard last week (23 October 2014) with some beautiful new design elements. So far it has been very successful in attracting library goers into its creative space. According to some friends in Singapore it has been so successful in its first week that it has been difficult find a seat. Located in a mall, this library’s overall design is the first in Singapore to include user feedback into the design and services. According to the Straits Times of Singapore the feedback process involved the National Library Board working with about 30 students and lecturers from Singapore Polytechnic to “understand the habits and needs of library users before coming up with design prototypes.” Read more at the Straits Times.

Safer Pedestrians in Lisbon

The City Fix featured an article a few weeks ago about a whimsical dancing traffic signal in Lisbon designed by Smart. It uses a real time feed of people dancing instead of the static red man traffic signal.  The results reveal that people actually stopped because they were entertained and as a result became safer pedestrians.

Public Art Challenge

Bloomberg Philanthropies has issued a Public Art Challenge that will “grant at least three cities up to $1 million each over two years to support temporary public art projects that celebrate creativity, enhance urban identity, encourage public-private partnerships, and drive economic development.” Applications are due Dec 15, 2014. For full application details check their website. I’m excited to see what projects result from this grant.


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