Hi people. Its been too long…

Yes it has been entirely too long since I last wrote here.  Last week though I went to this event in Naples, Italy where I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends from NYU that are working for amazing organizations and writing groundbreaking books. I also was reminded of why I love cities enough to study them and am trying to find my way in this often ambiguous but still exciting field of urban planning.

Cities are complicated, often chaotic places but their distinct character evolves from the people who live in them, the who work and play in them, the people who want to preserve parts of them and the people who strive to improve them. People that have lived in one city their whole life and people who constantly move between cities. People with ideas, skills, and crafts. People with different experiences, training and ambitions.

No matter how we relate to cities they are always made distinct because of their people.

That said here are a few photos of people from my travels and everyday life in Singapore over the last four months. I know I have much catch up blogging to do, but I promise to keep contributing here, to this great experiment of urbanization.

– Melissa

Singapore: People eating with friends

Singapore: People being creative.

Colombo: People commuting

Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka: People enjoying Sunday sunsets

Colombo: People flying kites

Colombo: People dodging the rain.

Bangkok: People sharing their stories.

Naples, Italy: People shopping.

Vatican City: People on pilgrimages.

Rome: People making music.

Rome: People celebrating.

Rome: People sightseeing

Naples, Italy: People ballroom dancing, in a public square, at midnight.

Me: taking it all in.


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