Photo of the Week: Security

Westec is Watching at Wendy's | Photo taken by author

With the news and on-going debate about the NYPD spying of Muslim cohorts recently, I thought this picture was timely. We live in a society where nearly everything is caught on security video – from driving, to withdrawing cash, to ordering your Frosty apparently. Yet there is something unsettling about realizing you are part of a group that is being watched for no concrete reason. This sign attempts to placate the weirdness by saying it’s for my safety – but really, those eyes are just creepy.

We walk around in cities of strangers, ear-buds in, staring at our smartphones – blind and deaf to what is happening around us. But so what? If I catch you eyeballing me, we’re gonna have a problem.

For some more insight, you can check out the articles below:

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