Photo of the Week: Photojournalism

Kampala, Uganda | Photo Credit: Zoriah Miller

“Some people have a hard time with the idea that photojournalists build their careers on others pain and suffering. In my mind, the whole point of doing this job is to illuminate these subjects, bring about change and end peoples suffering…the more people that are exposed to my work, the closer I get to that goal.” – Zoriah Miller

This week I’d like to share a photograph from Zoriah Miller, a photojournalist who has worked in crisis situations all over the world and is motivated to “change the world” through the lens. I’ve been following him for some time now, and looking at his work always reintroduces the idea that photography is a powerful medium to get ideas across. His ability to take pictures that are both personal and engaging creates stunning work. Recently he spent some time in the slums of Kampala, Uganda and is currently working on a piece from his experiences there. He has some haunting images of child drug addicts from the trip that he took while accompanying Patrick, CEO and founder of Raising Up Hope for Uganda, an organization created to help street children and those orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

To see more of Zoriah’s work, please check out his website and blog.

If you are interested in having your photo posted on our website, please send an e-mail to Include “EncUrb Photo of the Week” in the subject line and please provide you name, brief bio, and a description of the photo along with the attachment.


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