Hong Kong 68

I found this film of Hong Kong in 1968 on polis yesterday and it inspired to me to explore how Hong Kong has changed over the last forty three years.  Hong Kong 68 is a short video by Impactist that gives a quick view Hong Kong during 1968. Through the film the city is seen  from the air, the harbor and the streets, according to polis:  “a constantly changing landscape and yet it maintains the same feel as it does today.”

During the 1960’s Hong Kong’s population was about 3 million people, with half of the population under the age of 25.  Today Hong Kong’s population is over 7 million.  With this addition of 4 million people Hong Kong’s built environment has also grown substantially.  One of the most significant additions since 1968 is the vast amount of public housing towers and “new towns” constructed in the New Territories.  My photos below show a few of my favorite places in Hong Kong that did not exist in 1968.

Contrasting old and new towers on Hong Kong Island.

The Lippo Centre by Paul Rudolph, completed 1988.

Public housing towers in the New Territories.  Many of these projects were built in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

View of Hong Kong Island from the Star Ferry, featured in the film.

Urban Photo also shares images some interesting photos of old Hong Kong in their post that shares a story originally in the South China Morning Post on August 3, 2009. More about my recent trip to Hong Kong can be found on my other posts about housing and  general photos of my travels.

– Melissa


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