City Beautiful: Resisting Demolition

This week’s City Beautiful was inspired by photographs from’s story of a village in Hong Kong that had protested relocation to make way for high-speed rail infrastructure. With new buildings and infrastructure for expanding  cities come human costs, which often go unheard (and sometimes uncompensated). Below are a few images from artists who perhaps didn’t halt demolition, but did make some noise.    –Amy

Hong Kong – After two years of protest the Tsoi Yuen village will soon be demolished to construct an emergency station for the Hong Kong-Guangzhou high-speed rail line.  Activists and villagers held a two-day art and music festival not long before demolition is scheduled to start – this is one of the artworks:

Yichang City – Li Yalong, a government bureaucrat and photographer in the Hubei province in China, is using little dolls from the movie Avatar set in construction sites to critique demolition and disempowerment:

Seoul – A mural was painted on three mattresses belonging to people displaced from the Yongsan area for a large and controversial redevelopment project that cost several lives during demonstrations against the government (Text: “The poor get poorer. The rich get richer.” And, “For sale.”):

New York: Going back in time, political posters like this one have been used as a tool of resistance against demolition and displacement from gentrification here in NYC (text: “This plan has resulted in a wave of people without housing. What are the people going to do? This is your land!! Defend it!! Free Puerto Rico Lives!”):




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