The most expensive city in the world

No it is not Tokyo, Dubai, London, Moscow, Hong Kong or New York.

The city with the highest cost of living in 2010 was surprisingly Luanda, the capital of Angola.  One news article cited that a basic apartment cost at least $10,000 per month while a pizza on the street was about $25. According to Mercer, a New York Based consultant firm, this sub-Saharan African city of 4.8 million people is world’s most expensive city to live in.  For the first time this year, three 0f the world’s top 10 most expensive cities are in Africa. The full report can be found on Mercer’s website.

Despite this ranking for Luanda, Angola is still one of the most unequal countries in the world.  According to the Economist, only 9% of Luabda has running water, half of Angola’s population has no access to health care, and the nation has the only know cases of urban polio.  Although Angola is one of Africa’s richest countries, mainly due to their diamond mines and oil wells, aid agencies still provide basic services for ordinary Angolans.



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