Hong Kong

In a few days I will be traveling to Hong Kong for two weeks to take an NYU course on Global Food Cultures in Hong Kong. Although the class is about food I am hoping to use this opportunity to explore the unique public housing program in Hong Kong that houses about 45% of the city’s population.  This is the second largest population (within a capitalist society) to be housed in government owned estates.  My research though for the course will focus on the policies that have allowed wet markets and supermarkets to be developed within public housing estates.  Below are a few historic and recent photos that I found while researching.

Hong Kong in the 1960s

Hong Kong in the 1990s

Hong Kong Today

On Christmas Day of 1953 over 50,000 squatters were left homeless when a fire swept through the Shek Kei Mei settlement in Hong Kong

The Shek Kei Mei Fire

In less than 12 months the Hong Kong had rehoused all displaced familes in Shek Kip Mei into public housing blocks like this

Recently constructed public housing blocks

A traditional market in Hong Kong

Happy New Year!   Melissa


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