Housing Strategies in Metro Manila

After eight long months of researching, writing, analyzing, and some fun, my capstone team has finally finished our final project (aka group thesis) on slum upgrading strategies in Metropolitan Manila.   Our work included traveling to Manila for three weeks in July and researching housing strategies and slum upgrading projects with two local World Bank consultants.  Our final paper will hopefully contribute to the World Bank’s plan to help  Metropolitan Manila  develop a unified slum upgrading strategy.

The story of Manila’s lack of affordable housing is one complicated by the fact that this metro area of 11 million people is also comprised of 17 separate local government units that do not coordinate affordable housing projects.  Also in Metro Manila about 50% of the total population can not afford to acquire any form of secure housing, forcing millions to inhabit the city as illegal squatters.  However there is hope as many communities have self mobilized to apply for the Community Mortgage Program to upgrade their own informal settlements.  Also Habitat for Humanity has been building medium rise developments resulting in much improved communities.  Please enjoy a few pictures from our experience this summer.

A flood wall that had been washed away by Typhoons Ondoy in 2009 and the new retention wall built to protect an informal settlement from future floods.

The mascot of the Philippines National Housing Authority in Manila.

A medium rise Habitat for Humanity housing project consisting of four buildings with twelve units each.

Children in a community that had been part of a World Bank financed upgrading project.

Plans to showing the location of the St James Riverside community, an informal settlement in a frequently flooded area.

Our capstone team including our two local consultants and friends Tanya and Grendell.  Thanks for being such a great team!



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