A Documentary Exploring the Global Vertical City

As cities grow, many are developing into very vertical environments.  This online documentary “Out My Window,” explores the lives of highrise dwellers and their interactions with the concrete towers they live in.  Read more about it from Good:

Out My Window has collected 49 stories from 13 different apartment dwellers, in cities from Chicago to Havana to Johannesburg. You can enter 360-degree recreations of their apartments and click around their environments to hear their musings on community, religion, art, and politics. Despite the cultural and geographical diversity represented, it often feels as though the subjects of Out My Window could be found in the same building in some global metropolis.

Out My Window is just one part of HIGHRISE, a larger endeavor by the National Film Board of Canada and the filmmaker Katerina Cizek to explore the “human experience in global vertical suburbs” through media.


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